Saturday, October 01, 2016


A series of serindipitous events have brought me back to this blog which I opened 11 years ago and did not remember at all.
Perhaps it would be worth explaining a little this universal synchronicity through which I am reading and recognizing the Claudia from more than a decade ago.
All this happened because of someone who I never met. Her name is Sharry Buhanan-Decker. A 29 year old woman who died in USA after giving birth to her longed first child. 

Her husband posted this video on the network.  And someone from my Facebook contacts shared it. 
The story caught my attention, so I started to search more about Sharry on Google. I found the blog where her husband, who is currently broken, makes his catharsis through their memories together, but above all, he does it by sharing beautiful teachings from the diaries of Sherry. (This is the link to his blog: )
I was touched so deeply by that blog, Especially because it reminded me of how much I like to write diaries and I reproached myself the lack of discipline to do it every day. 
That blog and especially Sharry, not only inspired me to write again, but also to live more fully, more consciously making love to life, remembering how short and how precious this opportunity is.
I wanted to make a comment thanking him for his sharing and to my surprise, I realized that my comment was published under the user "El Telon". So I clicked there and here I am! At my old blog, full of the old me. As if life would have taken me directly to the past, to see how often I used to write and how much I used to enjoy it.
Life is a mystery ... It amazes me how the death of someone I never met can touch my life and bring me back to myself, to the ends of memory. 
In all entries in his blog, her husband can't stop wondering whether Sharry still exists in some way and if she is okay. It is his constant agony. 
After what has happened to me today, I could tell Jared that YES, Sherry is still present and that as she did in life, even now, she is still lighting the way for other human beings. 
Today her presence has touched my life, it has brought me back to my memories. It has given me back the desire to write, to have faith, to do more "bucket lists", to remember my dreams and work to achieve them. 
And so this letter is a tribute to Sharry, Jared, JJ and myself in the past, present and future.

Bogotá, Colombia between the last day of September and the first day of October 2016